Anna is a frenzied mother of two girls. She loves Zumba — and secretly Outback Steakhouse. She wishes she could spend every night dancing to late ‘90s hip-hop but instead is up with her five year-old.

Raven is a married forty-something with way too many pets for his house. Sure, he can fix stuff but didn’t he break it to begin with? He would much rather sit on his couch and watch eight hours of WW2 documentaries, but it seems that there are always errands to run and chores to do.

The Janitor spends his days thinking about ’80s music and cool ways to share it with you.  It’s pretty much all he does, and that’s a good thing, cause he’s terrible at actual janitorial work.

Glen Gardner takes you on a journey to The Soundboard — where the magic happens at live shows.  Consider this your backstage laminate, thanks to our friends at Herteen & Stocker Jewelers!  Saturdays at 7 PM and Sundays at 10am, Glen will share songs from some of your favorite ’80s artists, recorded from the soundboard at their live performances.